The Happenings at Haunted Manor

Community Events

Hey, community!

We just released our very first holiday event world, and you can play it right now!! The Happenings at Haunted Manor is a puzzle game where you explore the area in and around Bartholomew’s Manor, collecting keys, skulls, and secrets.. do you have what it takes to crack all the puzzles and make your way to the wishing altar?

At the end of the story is a promo code to redeem Bartholomew’s Pristine Cape! Bartholomew’s Cape is a Halloween 2022 exclusive and will not be attainable after 2 weeks, so hop in and get it while you can.

Discuss theories and puzzles on the forum – but don’t give away answers to other players! Help is allowed and encouraged, but don’t leak puzzle answers or promo codes that way we can all have fun!

This event is available until November 9th, 2022!