Happy Halloween!


Hey everyone, guess what day it is? That’s right, it’s Halloween! It’s that one spooky day when you get to go outside and knock on your neighbor’s doorstep for candy. It’s also a fun time for World to Build as well!

If you check out our marketplace, we have some limited-time items that are currently on sale which you can get to celebrate the World to Build holidays! Be fast to grab them, because once they’re gone, they aren’t coming back! You can click the button below to check out some of the exclusive items that are on sale.

On top of that, we’re still running a Halloween event! The event will be running for one more week, and you still have the chance to participate in our event The Happenings at Haunted Manor, and win the exclusive cape called Bartholomew’s Pristine Cape! Interested in putting up a challenge? Check out this blog post about the event for more information!

Happy Halloween, and make sure to go grab some candycorn! 🍬

~ #Star