Things just got way faster!


Hold up, this post needs to load. Give it a moment. Buffing, buffing, buffing, there we go! Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again, because guess what? Did you know that there was a new client update pushed? No way! Let’s go in-depth and talk about what was introduced, and how this affects you.

Things just got wayyyyyyyyy faster, with this new update increasing loading voxel designs tripled the previous amount! The load time used to be 20 seconds for loading designs, and 40 seconds for loading objects, now it is about 15 seconds for loading designs and 5 seconds for loading objects!

On top of that, your game performance will be smoother, with loading speeds improving by 24%! (In simpler terms: We made the game run smoother, and lag less!)

Have fun, and I can’t wait to see you in-game!

~ #Star