An Apology

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Hey players,

I wanted to hop on and give you a small update on some older items that existed prior to our conversion to voxel avatars a few years ago. When we changed over to voxels, we made the promise to have the shop items you purchased remade in a voxel form, and that they would be granted back to you soon after the release.

We got overloaded with tasks and did not fulfill this promise in the timeframe expected, and for that I apologize.

This week, you will begin seeing older items return to the Marketplace and granted to all previous owners, including Specials. Some of these items will remain off-sale for the time being. I want to give a special thanks to @Rhino and @DERPWARE for their help in getting these items made for our players.

One of our commitments is to stay 100% community-focused, and we did not do that here. You trusted us to fulfill a promise and we fell short. We will ensure that we follow through on our commitments going forward.

Thank you for being part of the World to Build family.