Let There Be Light!

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Hi all!

I took a break from the party going on over here at World To Build’s revamped disco studio to let everyone in on our most recent update that we have just released. We’ve been working hard to bring you guys features that allow you to expand on your worlds and bring them to life – and our most recent update helps you do just that.

We’ve spent some time fine-tuning the release of one of our most important features-to-date, and we hope that you all can create awesome, realistic worlds. With that being said, let’s in introduce you to that feature. Introducing… lighting!

What is lighting?

Lighting is a special feature that allows players to create different variations of light components that help bring their worlds to life. You may have noticed that lighting has existed on World To Build for a while and we’ve been casting your shadows in worlds since our first release. However, we haven’t made lighting available to users to use. Until now.

And for the scripters: light objects can be accessed with scripting! Visit our scripting documentation for more information on parts with lights.

How can I create a light object?

Light is a component that attaches only to light objects. To insert a light object, select a part and navigate to Create > Light in your Builder.

Types of Light Components

Sun Lights: A sun light is exactly what it sounds like. It is a light that acts like the sun. The sun light component allows you to manipulate the appearance of the time of day and direction of light given from the sun light. Your world skybox will not change (meaning the sky will still look like daytime), but a future update is planned to allow skybox changes.

Spot Lights: A spot light is similar to a (real-life) stage light. It casts a light on a specific area that is determined by the direction of the light.

Bulb Lights: A bulb light, in short, acts like a light bulb that you would have in a lamp on your nightstand. Bulb lights are distance-based, so the farther they are away from an object, the dimmer that object becomes.

Light Properties

Light properties are properties given to the light component. Increments within the light component are decimal-based.

Light Property Types

Angles: Angles are how much light is spread from a certain light component. Currently, the only light component that allows this property is spot lights.

Spotlight Range

Range: Range is a property that sets the range (or distance) that light is emitted. Currently, the only two light components that allow this property are spot lights and bulb lights.

Brightness: Brightness is a property that determines the brightness of a light component. The dimmer the brightness, the less vibrant the light. Brightness is available for all light components.

Shadows: Shadows are a property that determines if the light component casts shadows. With the shadow property disabled, shadows will not be shown.

Types: Light component types can be changed in the property menu by selecting the drop-down on the Type property.

With the addition of lighting to our Builder, it presents players with the ability to create more immersive and vibrant worlds. We are continuing to create features that allow our players to create worlds without limits. Not signed up yet? What are ‘ya waiting for? Sign up for a player account to get started!

Thanks for checking out this update!