The Summer Update 2019

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It’s that time of year.. the sun is out, the ocean is throwing waves against the beach, popsicles are melting on your brand new swimsuit, and here we are: releasing the biggest updates for World To Build all year. Just in time for your sunscreen to be put on (yeah, I don’t think you’ll be needing that right now). Ah, just how we like it.

The short version of our updates launched today are Scripting, Avatars, and Website. In this post, we’ll get a little more specific and talk about everything that’s been added!


That’s right! And we’re just as excited as you are! We’ve set up the foundation for all scripting on World To Build and have just pushed it to everyone along with our scripting reference ( To get started, you can access the script editor in the World Builder through Window > Script Editor. Once you finish your script, just save and attach a new Script component to the object you want the script to be attached to!

One of the things we’re most passionate about as a game development studio is.. well.. game development! World To Build allowing users to script games allows us to function as a fully-fledged sandbox game where anyone can create. We’re working on a very expansive tutorial site to share all of our knowledge on development, including an introduction to Lua scripting, the language that World To Build uses.

Our scripting reference will receive updates and additions in the future, so definitely keep an eye on all the functionality we add. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Web Updates

Phew! This update is more of a mouthful. All around the website we added new features and updates to give everyone more things to do and more features to use to do them. Here are the notable web updates:

Navigation menus: The Social drop down is missing some links!!? Just kidding, some of them have moved to the User drop down, which can be accessed by clicking your profile picture!

User Profiles: Tons of different things are visible on profiles now! Including worlds, items, some stats, friends, and some achievements.

Search Players: In the Social drop down, you can see a “Find Players” button, this lets you search World To Build for a specific user if you know their nickname or username!

Friends and Friends Requests: If you’re like me, you have at least 1 friend! Now you can be friends with them on World To Build too! On their profile, you can click the “send friend request” button and they will be able to accept or decline! (hopefully they accept <3)

Privacy tab in Settings: If you don’t want certain parts of your profile viewed (or your entire profile to be private!) you can switch different aspects to “Everyone,” “Friends Only,” or “No One”.

Avatar Features: Along with the new avatars come updates to the Edit Avatar page! You can now change avatars, and wear poses! We’ve also organized your inventory a little.

World Page: The world page got a face lift to make room for more features.

.. and for those of you with 4 letter usernames, we’ve lowered the minimum requirement for usernames to 4, down from 5. (someone out there is very excited right now).

Avatar Update

We’ve also gone live with visual updates to our avatar! We receive feedback all the time about different aspects of World To Build, but avatars have always been something important to admins and users alike. So for this update we took input from users and our own opinions of what we’d like to see in a sandbox avatar and created what we believe is a more appealing avatar than before.

Of course, the first thing you may have noticed a week ago is that on World To Build, well, there aren’t any girl avatars. So in a way, the most notable thing about this update is that girls now exist!

Along with the visual changes to the avatars, we’ve also paved the way for a bunch of new features! One of the first features you might notice is the pose feature! On your profile you can wear a pose that is visible everywhere on the website. On the shop you may also see more avatars appear for users to obtain in the future.

Alright, well that’s everything that we’ve released for the Summer! More is to come for sure, but this breakdown should have covered anything you missed or didn’t know about.