Castle Building Contest & Contest Feature Announcement

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Hey everyone! I’m Garrett, also known as “tyster,” and I have some awesome updates to share in this post. As you can tell from the title of this blog post, we have lots of contest related news!!

First off, let’s dive into the Castle Building Contest that will be hosted from 6/10 (this Monday) to 6/21 (NEXT next Friday). The goal of the contest is to build the coolest and/or most unique castle out of all of the entries! Get creative with it!

This contest is a little different from future contests because it won’t be hosted through our contest system. For this contest, you’ll only need to message the user “tyster” on World To Build’s website with a link to your game! For this contest you can only enter 1 game, so make sure to put all your effort into just one world. The contest will be judged by our panel of extremely prestigious builders (just some admins and a pet starfish) on a live stream sometime soon after the entries are closed.

Once again, you can send a message to “tyster” with a link to your game during the contest time frame (6/10 – 6/21), this will be your submission. Remember to be creative with your castle, the topic is loose!

Next up.. some news about the new Contest System that will be coming to World To Build very soon! Although there isn’t a whole lot of news aside from “hey, this is coming soon! The name is pretty self-explanatory!” we’d still like so share some things that we think will turn a basic contest system into something we can use for all sorts of community events.

As of now, the types of contests we have planned will be 1 of 3 types:

  • Game Submission
  • Game(s) Playing
  • Other Submission (Videos, Artwork, etc)

Depending on the type of contest, the submission and voting process will work slightly differently. For a submission-based contest, users will enter the contest by providing a link to their submission. Most submission-based contests will allow users to vote on other user submissions! Game playing contests would include events like Halloween or Easter where we want to give users a set of games that have tasks to complete inside of them.

The most important thing about contests to us is that it gives another place for users to improve, share, and socialize – and with contests, also be rewarded with prizes depending on your placement! Exclusive prizes for all of our contests is the absolute goal.

For our first contest, the Castle Building Contest, one prize will be a little castle for your avatar’s head!

While we can’t say exactly how many winners or prizes we will have (it will depend on how many submissions there are), there will definitely be more than one winner. What are you waiting for? Go and build the B E S T   C A S T L E!!!

Have fun everyone!