World To Build at East Coast Game Conference 2019

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Recently, World To Build attended 2019’s East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina from April 16th-18th. You may have had a preview of this event on Twitter. We’re excited to share our experience at this conference, who we met, what we learned, and a little bit about the events that took place.

What is the East Coast Game Conference?

For those unfamiliar with the East Coast Game Conference, or “ECGC” for short, it is the largest gathering of game professionals on the east coast of the United States and provides game developers with several opportunities for networking and collaboration. Notable attendees this year were Imangi (creators of Temple Run), Red Storm (creators of Rainbow 6 and Rocksmith), Insomniac (creators of Ratchet & Clank and Spyro the Dragon), and Funcom (creators of Conan Exiles).

World To Build staff interacting with attendees 

World To Build staff were on the floor for all three days, and our booth was open for open beta gameplay for all three of those days. We encountered a lot of attendees that stopped to build and play with our client and workshop, and even met and talked with professionals that were local and from visiting states.

One of our visitors became the first non-administrator to test out in-game scripting and made a block that turned pink when you touch it. We were impressed! We encountered a lot of younger attendees that want to become game developers, and gave them a little insight into the life of one. If you were playing World To Build during the course of the three days of ECGC and encountered an “ECGCGuest” account in-game – you were playing with an actual conference attendee!

During ECGC, we participated in the Indie Game Showcase competition. Professionals stopped by our booth to play our game and participate in judging it for the contest. Though we did not place first, the judges had a great time. We enjoyed their participation and creativity while messing around with our client and workshop, and even got a chance to talk to them about game development.

Warren Robinett, discussing his game “Adventure”

We also attended a keynote by the creator of “Adventure”, which is an Atari game released in 1980 (blows off dust) and known for being the first game with an easter egg! In this case, the easter egg was the creator’s name spelled out in a room, but nonetheless it was still pretty epic.

World To Build staff conversing with attendees

During our interaction with attendees, we discussed our initiative and mission on our drive to create the next big sandbox platform. We are excited about what the future holds, and hope that you are as excited as us. If you haven’t already signed up, we want to build and create awesome games with you. Head over to and get started!

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for future events and updates by following us on Twitter and meeting us in Discord.