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Howdy! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Mikey! I moderate World to Build’s Discord server and help out with some streams. Otherwise I’m making waffles in the break room for the rest of our team. I’m around today to announce our next contest,but first…

If you were around this past Monday (06/24), I hope you tuned into one of World to Build’s first-ever Twitch live streams! We were wrapping up our last contest, the Castle Building Contest, so we visited contestants and decided the winners live! Congratulations to all 8 users who won this legendary sword pack.

Castle Building Contest Winner

So, lets kick it. Calling all adventurers! It’s time for the The Extraordinary Adventures of Durango & Momo. cue drum-roll

Durango Watt is a charismatic and dashing adventurer. He lives for the thrill and first found out his natural parkour abilities at the popular Statue Quest while looking for a priceless monkey artifact. Now accompanied by his pet snake, Momo, Durango is in search of more incredible adventures and hidden treasures all over World to Build.

For this contest, users have to build the coolest and/or most unique adventure obby!

In order to enter, message the user “mikey” on World To Build’s website with a link to your game! You can only submit 1 entry so make sure you put as much effort as you can into just one world. The winners of this contest will be decided on another live stream by our trained samurai (admins :P) a few days after entries close.

Remember, there will be multiple prize hats!!

Need a little help kick-starting your obby? Click here or use the following link to download our obby making template! *Not required

Instructions for use:

  1. Click the link listed above to download the template.
  2. Save or move the template to your World to Build saves folder. This will be located in My Documents: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\World To Build\saves
  3. Open the World Builder & visit File > Load Backup & select obby-contest-template.wtb
  4. Click the load button and violĂ ! You’re all set.
Obby Contest Template

Remember: Stick to the theme! We’re looking for adventure-based obstacle courses. Think Temple Run or Indiana Jones! And don’t make it so hard our admins can’t beat it. The goal is for your game to be fun, not hard!

The contest starts now and ends on Friday, July 12th (14 days from now). Make sure to message all submissions to “mikey” between 06/28 – 07/12 in order to be entered in the contest!

Like the hidden treasures of World to Build, the current contest prizes are a mystery. Who knows what Durango could recover from your adventures! Best of luck to everyone!