Player Spotlight: DERPWARE


DERPWARE, or “Derp” as we like to call him, has been a player of World to Build since April 11th, 2020. That’s 1,372 days to the date. He’s just a player to most, but to our development team, he’s family.

Since joining our community, he has created a vast and unique amount of awesome stuff. He’s also served as an inspiration for voxel making within our community.

Filled Bookshelf
The Mona Lisa

From voxel designs to games, Derp has done it all. Statistically speaking, he has made 2,137 voxel designs, built 103 games, is currently selling 524 shop products and has played games over 1,646 times. Derp’s voxel design making alone amounts to over 37% of all voxel designs to ever exist and he’s amazing at making them.

Since we released voxel-based designs and the ability for players to put them in games, Derp has brought his games to life. When we mentioned he made 103 games, we really mean he made 103 games.

We’re often requested to add more game slots to his account because there’s a new idea going every week, and the stuff he makes is stunning. Not only do they look good, the games come to life with sounds and scripts and really capture the moment really well.

Dark Cabin
[Voxel Classic] The Fictional Mountains
WTB Speedrun | 3 NEW LEVELS!

We’re confident that Derp will remain a staple of our community for years to come, and we hope you like his awesome stuff as much as we do. Send him a friend request, check out his games, use some of his designs in your own games, and give him a big high-five for us.

Derp, from our team to you: Thank you for being an awesome player, builder, and friend. ❤️

See you in the next player spotlight.