World to Build: Christmas 2023

Community Events

Greetings, everyone!

For this past month, we have been at hard work developing a well-developed Christmas event for World to Build this year. Since it was delayed about a week and a half last month, it was sort of rushed recently. We decided to release the game map right now, today. Because of our haste to do so, you might encounter holes in its plotline, or bugs that don’t add up. We apologize if there are any, and if you do encounter one, let us know below. The release of the event is December 17 and the deadline is on January 3.

This little Christmas event has a few features. First things first, you can submit a Christmas tree ornament to be hung on the World to Build Christmas Tree in the event game. Simply to submit your ornament, just post a link to your design below. Don’t forget to make your design public, too.

Or, you can write a list to the World to Build Santa Claus (he is obviously me o.O) telling him what you’d want in World to Build for Christmas. You can ask for practically anything you like, whether it be a game asset or a marketplace listing. (Notice: there is another WTB Santa Claus. He’s Incognito or Bomb for short.)

And if you aren’t interested in these activities or have done them already, you can play two little mini-games inside of the event map. One is known as the Holiday Parkour. Inside Holiday Parkour, you aim to complete a very short but fairly difficult parkour course and obtain a key to a door inside of a cave, which leads into a cavern with all kinds of beautiful accessories for your character. Their promo codes will be shown inside the room.

Or maybe you’re more interested in a maze-quest mix. The Merry Mansion is just for you, then. Inside the Merry Mansion, you find keys to unlock doors to find the three vital keys needed to access the legendary Vault. Inside the Vault you will find even more beautiful accessories for your character. Like the other room, their promo codes will be shown inside.

Tip: if you don’t know where to redeem a promo code, use the button we’ve attached below:

We hope you have a merry Christmas both in real life and in-game!

  • Derpware, Community Partner @ World to Build