2019 in Review

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You know those super cheesy quotes about never looking back? The ones where only the present and future matter and the past is… irrelevant? Yeah. We don’t believe in those. At least not that much.

While it’s important to focus on what’s ahead, we can’t forget to say thank you and take a look at what we’ve accomplished thus far. 2019 has been an incredibly rewarding year for World To Build and we’re so lucky to have shared it with all of you.

So… if you’re like me and you can’t remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday you’re probably wondering. “Mikey, what are you talking about?” And honestly, I’m not so sure. I was leaning my chair back at our last staff meeting, with a pen sticking out of my mouth and my hands linked together thinking… what in the world has World To Build even done this year? Lucky for me, we have a pet owl named Oscar who sits in the corner of our conference room. He remembers everything for us, kinda like a personal library. So he helped us figure out exactly what we’ve accomplished.

Guess what? World To Build’s first birthday is right around the corner. We consider our official public release date to be December 30th, 2018 and we intend to party like it’s 1999! But more on that later…

We’re extremely proud to have reached 2,000 registered users on our site, with over 1,700 of those users (dude that’s like 85%) signing up in the past year. What’s cooler than that? Nothing. Other than the fact that our active user count has doubled since October. It’s December folks. We call that a win.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to join us in the fun!

In the past year, we’ve seen hundreds of user-created clothing items and each and every one of them puts a smile on our face. My favorite items thus far have been ugly sweaters from our most recent contest.

The World To Build team actively reviews the Marketplace for new clothing designed by the community, so a big props to you if you’ve contributed to this beautiful statistic. Can we reach 1,000 user uploaded items next year?

There’s nothing that completes our development team more than awesome worlds. To see users create unique and entertaining games from their own platform is an indescribable feeling. If you’ve developed a world, thank you. Keep at it. You’re amazing.

Honestly I’m not sure what number I expected here but wow. TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND items purchased in 2019 alone. I think it’s only right to set the 2020 bar for 50,000. There’s a lot of new Marketplace features in the works…

At our core World To Build is a social gaming platform. We strive to bring users together so they can have as much fun as their imagination allows. With nearly 1,000 people coming together as friends it’s truly rewarding to see just how far we’ve come this past year.

Naturally, as we grow we need more staff to handle different aspects of our community. Our team has grown to 7 members and we’re still looking for people to fill additional roles! If you happen to spot a new administrator, don’t forget to say hello. If you’re interested in joining what we’re creating, visit our corporate website to learn more.

Our team is extremely proud that we were able to attend 2 game conferences this past year, the East Coast Game Conference and the Oak City Indie Games event, both in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And while it’s hard to summarize everything we’ve done this past year in a simple blog post, hopefully, you get the gist. Our numbers? thru the roof

Crazy right? Well check out some of the most notable achievements World To Build has seen in the past year. We’ve definitely come a long way.

Some other things you might’ve missed this past year:

  • Auto updater becomes available for the game client
  • World thumbnails become available
  • Female avatar released
  • Friend request system becomes available
  • Privacy features become available
  • PIN Based security becomes available
  • Obby Building Contest
  • Particles become available
  • World text becomes available
  • Halloween Contest
  • New object: QuarterPipe now available
  • Multiplayer world testing now available

This year has been a gift to all of us here at World To Build and we’re running into 2020 with plenty of Red Bull and iced coffee to keep us up for those 24-hour developing sessions.

Our community is our pride and joy, and we’re seriously so lucky to have one like we do. Thank you all for this past year. We hope to share many more with you.