A Royal Announcement…

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Beloved Adventurers!

With me I carry an important parchment… a quest from the Roundtable! As their journeys come to an end, they seek new adventurers to take their place as Knights of the Roundtable.

The World To Build Roundtable is a group of select users that attend scheduled meetings with the World To Build team to provide feedback and have conversations about future additions to the platform.

Applications are opened randomly and only a few applicants are selected to join at the end of the period. Being selected provides players with a special shop item, as well as an achievement during the duration of their time on the Roundtable. The application process is open to all users with no experience or age requirement necessary. We want to extend this opportunity to all of our players.

As our existing Knights honorably retire their service, they invite you and your allies to apply for the Roundtable. Applications are now open and available until January 25th.

Fill out this form to apply.

Prospective knights should be sure to join our Discord server… Godspeed to all!