World to Build: Apple Fest 2023!


Hey everyone! Our Community Partner team has been working hard to create an event, and we’re excited to be releasing our event! It’s time to join the fun, and participate in the Apple Fest of 2023!

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: What is an Apple Fest? I’m glad you asked! (And if you didn’t, that’s okay too!) In the Apple Fest, your main goal is simple: Collect apples!

Your goal is to collect enough apples to get inside the barn. Sometimes when you’re searching for an apple, they might disappear! Once you have collected enough apples, you will be allowed to enter inside the barn – Where you will find your prize!

If you’re interested in participating in the Apple Fest of 2023, then feel free to click the button that’s been attached below. The event will be open for three weeks, so make sure to collect your apples while you can before fall arrives!

Before we end this blog post, we’d also like to acknowledge and give a bunch of thanks to the brilliant team that helped create this event. Everyone played a significant part, and without the help of these brilliant people, this event wouldn’t exist!

Have fun, and see you in-game!