Enchanting, Eccentric, Euphoric, Exceptional Extravaganza Eggsplosion Entailing Exquisite, Enthralling Eggs!


Eggers of the voxel universe, it’s time to put your imagination and creativity to the test! We’re ecstatic to announce the “Egg-ceptional Easter Egg Design Contest”!

Enterprising egg-heads have two weeks to enter their exquisite egg designs using the provided egg template. Explore the endless possibilities of egg evaluation!

Once all the entries are in, players will have the chance to evaluate each egg and elect their favorites. Our esteemed egg-sperts will then select the top three designs to feature in the marketplace as special items.

Elevate your design skills and craft something egg-straordinary. You could end up with an egg-citing prize and the honor of having your egg displayed in the marketplace as a special item for all to see.

Okay, I’m done. I promise. I was torturing myself there as well. Here’s a better recap:
– Players will have 2 weeks to submit their egg (up to 3 entries per player)
– Players are highly recommended to use the template, but are not required
– After the 2 weeks, players will have 5 days to vote on their favorite eggs
– Top 3 entries will be put on the Marketplace as special (limited) items.

It’s that simple! To get started, simply download the egg template file, you should be able to click somewhere around here to download it, I’m just trying to make it as big as possible so it’s easier to notice. Click me to download the egg template! Here! You see? I hope so, this was unnecessarily long.

Once downloaded, open up the World to Build design editor by heading to the website, clicking on My Stuff at the top, then on the drop down menu, click on My Designs, then press New Design. After it launches click on File in the top left, then Load Local. Locate the file you just downloaded (ending in .WTBR) and open it up! You should now have the egg template, ready for you to customize to your hearts content.

Remember to get creative with your egg! It doesn’t need to be a certain size or shape, so feel free to get wacky and create something unique. (Maybe an egg which is secretly a UFO? A cat egg? A dog egg? Tyster egg? Go wild!)

Once you have created your egg, head over to the Discord (13+) and send the link to your published design in the #🥚-eggcellent-egg-entries channel! If you are under 13, or cannot use Discord, post your design over on the forums, and we’ll be sure to find it!

To end us off, here are some beautifully constructed examples made by me, please ignore how horrible they are and focus on the artistic beauty. Art has a deeper meaning than simply the looks.

A beautiful, purple egg with white patches. It’s almost too much to handle. The sheer beauty of this egg is overwhelming, I may need to sit down for a moment to collect myself.
A Super Suspicious Egg, inspired by the hit game Among Us. This was truly a life changing egg to experience. I can almost hear it whispering, “red was definitely sus”, better keep an eye on this one.
A rare and expensive 24 carat gold e- WAIT A MINUTE! It’s missing! Who was it? Was it the previous egg? I KNEW it was him. I told you to keep an eye on it! This one’s all your fault.