World to Build – Spooky Voxels


Boo! Did I scare you? I hope this blog post definitely did because it’s time for another contest! I hope you’re excited about this contest, because, for this contest we aren’t going to be building a world, we’re going to be building a voxel design!

We know that Halloween is rolling around the corner, and so what makes this contest special is that it’s going to be Halloween themed! Make some spooky voxel designs for us, and make sure to impress the judges!

Do you need a prize to motivate you to participate? No worries, that’s all of us! If you get chosen at the end of our contest, you will be given this pretty nifty head that you can show to all of your friends called The Cube Reaper!

There are a few rules that we have for this voxel design contest, and if you don’t follow these rules your design will be disqualified from the contest. Make sure they follow the rules for a fair chance at winning!

  • Must be spooky-themed (haunted house, forest, graveyard, pumpkin patch 😉)

  • There are unlimited entries per person, go wild! Have fun!

  • Make sure that your design is public so that the judges can see them, and once your voxel design is completed send a message to #Star on World to Build so that we can count you!

The contest will end on October 17th, so you have until then to submit to the judges your voxel design. Make sure that you have fun, and I’ll see you in the future to let you know which voxel designs won our contest!

~ Star