World to Build Highlights – Jumpin’ Out!


Hey hey everyone! Welcome back to our third World to Build Highlights! It’s me, your host Star, and we’re going to be getting right into the top hits on World to Build that we want to give some attention towards.

For those who aren’t aware of what World to Build Highlights are, World to Build Highlights is a monthly blog post where we talk about some of the most fantastic worlds, users, and voxel designs on World to Build right now! If you’re interested in trying to participate in one of these highlights, you can just keep doing what you usually do on the website! Everything you upload is considered and has a chance of being chosen for our highlights.

Everyone who is chosen during our World to Build Highlights is given a special trophy that they can show-off off and a badge that is awarded to their profile! Now that we’ve given you a brief introduction about what World to Build Highlights are, let’s get straight into Player of the Month!

Player of the Month

It’s always so good to see you guys all around the community, playing all of the worlds, and creating your own designs, it really is amazing to come together for these types of things! There’s one person out of all of you who has stood out to us the most during this month, however, and it’s time to give them some recognization because they deserve it. Give a big round of applause for bobbb who has been chosen for Player of the Month!

bobbb has been all around the community, saying hi to players, playing the worlds with the community, and so much more! Chances are that you can catch them in one of the many game nights that we host because they always attend while we’re gathering up. If you’re interested in making a new friend, this guy is your guy. Congratulations again bobbb, and let’s move on to World of the Month!

World of the Month

When you’re playing worlds on World to Build, what do you look for? A burger? Maybe a car? A disco floor? All of these are great options, but what if you could have them all, and you had to defeat them in a race to the end? You better join Design Run then, because this is the world that we’ve chosen for World of the Month! Congratulations!

In this game, it’s up to you to race against your friends and be the first to make it to the end! Hop over the many obstacles that you may face, and be the first to get to the end! If you fall into the void, you can call it game over. Alright, let’s move right into our final topic: Voxel Design of the Month!

Voxel of the Month

Last month, Halloween was here, and we hosted a contest where players all around World to Build were able to submit their spookiest designs! In this blog post, at the end of this section, we’re going to be announcing to you the winners of the contest, but for Voxel of the Month, we’re going to be showing you the spookiest voxel design that was chosen! Give a big round of applause for Hollowed Fedora by Rust!

This fedora is sure to scare off all of the monsters that are going to attack you, now you can walk around and feel safe without having to worry about one of the World to Build staff members jumping out and banning you! (Not literally, unfortunately.) Now that we’ve concluded our highlight topics, let’s move to the winners of our recent contest!

World to Build – Spooky Voxels Winners

Recently during the month of October, we hosted a contest where players could submit their spooky voxels and we would rate them and choose some players to win a special prize that will be granted to their inventory. That contest has now concluded, and it’s time to announce the winners! We chose five voxel designs, so give a big round of applause for Hallowed Fedora, Carved Top Hat, Witch’s Hat, Pumpkin Voxel Design, and the Voidkin for winning the Spooky Voxels Contest!


Thank you all so much for reading another month’s edition of World to Build Highlights, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! My name is #Star, and I’ll see you next month for another World to Build Highlight!

~ #Star