Happy Holidays from World to Build


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the World to Build team!

Are you cold yet? Temperatures are plunging where we are. Shout out to all of my fellow players in the southern and central United States that are suffering. This week, we’re experiencing some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in quite a long time. In some states, temperatures are as low as the arctic! Where I live, we don’t know how to act when it comes to rain, let alone snow, so it’s going to be an interesting Christmas as the masterblock household this year.

On a more serious note, we are super thankful for our players and teams that have helped shape the World to Build community this year. We’re even more excited for all of the updates we’re bringing you in 2023. Stay tuned for a post early next year with a recap of what we’ve accomplished in 2022, and what we’re going to accomplish for you in the new year.

Taking a Break

We’re giving our teams at World to Build off for the holiday, and our offices will reopen on January 4th, 2023. During this break, moderation review and development progress will slow down.

We hope you have a safe, joyous and fun holiday. Don’t get too full (or cold), and make sure to cover your faucets. We’ll see you soon!