World to Build Highlights – We’re back!


Is the text rolling? Five, four, three, two, one. Welcome back to another World to Build Highlight! (Wooooooooo!) I’m your host #Star, and we have some awesome things that we want to show and choose for our 2nd World to Build Highlight. I hope you’re excited because I know that I’m excited!

Just a reminder to everyone who’s looking to participate in a World to Build Highlight, if you wish to be nominated for one of our highlights you can start out by creating stuff on our platform! We look at everything that’s created and always take it into consideration. As long as it follows the World to Build rules, we’d be more than glad to take a look at what you’ve made!

Everyone who is chosen for our World to Build Highlights is given a trophy so that they can show off that they’ve been chosen, and the Newsworthy Player Badge! These two rewards will be added to your account as soon as our blog posts are released, so don’t worry about not getting your rewards!

Alright, enough chitter-chat! Let’s move right into the categories that we have to offer. Starting up, we have Player of the Month!

Player of the Month

Isn’t it always nice to get a warm greeting whenever you join a world? When you join a community, and you’re instantly welcomed in? It must feel better when you’re the person giving those warm feelings because that’s exactly what this player has been doing for us all around the platform! This player has been around the Discord, website, and so much more talking to people and playing worlds with them! Let’s give a round of warm applause to Catabonk for being selected as our Player of the Month!

Catabonk can be seen on our Discord Server giving users a nice big welcome when they join and talking with the community to make them feel welcomed at World to Build! This player has met the expectations that we look for when choosing a player for Player of the Month, and we are extremely glad to give them this award. Congratulations again Catabonk, and now let’s move right on to World of the Month!

World of the Month

Here at World to Build, we love scenic worlds! The sky, the grass, the dirt, and so much more that make those worlds come together. However, for this type of world, we chose a world where it has to be your mission to find one of the three treasures that are scattered around in the dirt. Congratulations to The Dig by iloveplastic for winning World of the Month!

In The Dig, it is your goal to find the three treasures that are in the dirt. Dig your way through and find that treasure! The people who find the three treasures will get points added to the leaderboard. This world gives off a pretty fun advantage point, and it’s recommended for groups of friends who are looking to play with others and have a blast! Congratulations again iloveplastic for winning World of the Month, let’s move right on to Voxel of the Month.

Voxel of the Month

Have you guys already started school again? Yeah, that must not be fun, but you need to ensure you’re supplied to prepare for school! For all those people who are a fan of going back to school however, this voxel design is just for you. Introducing the Blue Backpack that was created by 3f1!

Pull up to the World to Build school in this backpack, and you’ll be sure to make so many friends! This backpack has all the style, and can make your friends jealous at the sight of you walking into school with this excellent drip! Congratulations 3f1 for winning this award, and now let’s move into a special topic.

World to Build Contest: Rollin’ Back Winners

Recently, World to Build hosted a contest where you had the chance to build something related to school and the chance to win some awesome prizes! We had quite a few submissions, and it’s now time to reveal the winners of our contest.

Up in first place, we have unnamed school by @Tok on World to Build! They created an entire school which gives you a good spot to start learning. Put your stuff in your locker, and start heading to class! Don’t misbehave, however, or you’ll be sent to the principal’s office! I’m sure you don’t want them to call home and tell your parents that you’ve been misbehaving.

Up in second place, we have Splash – Rollin Back by Splash! In this world, you can invite all your friends and start goofing off at the playground. Play some tag, play some hide and seek, there are so many things you could do here!

And up in 3rd place, we have Old School Memories by Larry-Friendly on World to Build! This is a more simpled-down park, but this time it’s offered at a school, so go hangout with your friends during recess and get the fun started!

Congratulations to the top three people we’ve chosen! To those three people, you’ll be given an exclusive bus pet that will follow you around in all the worlds that you want to join! To all the people that weren’t chosen, it’s alright! There will be many more contests in the future that you can participate on, and you still get this cool hat that you can wear around showing off that you participated in this contest.

And, that’s a wrap! Thank you guys for showing up to our second World to Build Highlight, and I can’t wait to host more of these in the future! Stay tuned for future contests, cause I know that there’s more on the way for that too!

Peace! ~ #Star