World to Build Contest – Rollin’ Back

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It’s time for another contest! We also know that most of you are already going back to school, which sucks because now you can’t spend time playing your favorite games on World to Build! Some people enjoy going back to school, and we had just the perfect contest idea: Let’s host a going back to school contest!

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself, How will this contest work? Don’t worry, I’m here to answer your questions! This contest will be a building contest, so it will be up to you to build something that takes a part in school. Anything you can think of that has some relationship to school, will qualify for our contest. Libraries, school classrooms, playgrounds, you name it! The choice is yours. Use your brilliant imagination to see what you can come up with, and submit it!

To make this more interesting for you guys, we will have a participation reward and a reward for the entries that we choose! For participating in our contest, you will be given the Educated Top Hat which you can wear on top of your head, and for winning our contest you will get the Magic School Bus – It’s a pet that follows you around! Crazy, right?

The contest will end on 9/5/22, and you’ll have until then to create your build and submit it. You can submit your build by sending #Star a message on World to Build, just make sure to include a link to your game and a description of what your game features! You will get a message back from #Star so you know that your submission has been received.

Good luck everyone and I’ll see you in the future to announce the winners of our contest!

~ Star