World to Build Highlights – A new tradition


Greetings everyone, and welcome back to one of our first-ever highlights! I’m your host Star, and you might have questions like “What is a highlight?” and “How do I get chosen?”, I’m going to be answering some of those questions for you and choosing the first-ever people to be chosen for our highlights. Let’s get right into some of the common questions!

What is a World to Build Highlight?

World to Build Highlights is a blog post that will be released monthly honoring some of the most talented worlds, players, and voxel creations that we have on World to Build! We currently have three topics that we’ll go over in this blog post, and maybe there will be more in the future!

How do I get chosen?

Keep making creations on World to Build and try your best! The staff will be selecting things for our highlights, so if you make high-quality worlds or some really good voxel designs, there’s a good chance you can get chosen for our Highlights! Remember to take your time and create something original and there’s a better chance you can get selected.

Is there a reward for being chosen?

Yes! Everyone who’s chosen for one of our highlights will be given a trophy that they can equip to their avatar, as well as the Newsworthy Player Badge that will be awarded to your profile for being featured in one of our blog posts! These two rewards will be added to your account as soon as our blog posts are released, so don’t worry about not getting your rewards!

The Player of the Month

Now that we’ve gotten the common questions out of the way, let’s get into the spicy stuff: The topics! For our first-ever topic, we’re going to be doing Player of the Month. You can be chosen for this topic by being a good member of our community, this includes interacting with others and having a good reputation in the community. That’s exactly what this person in the community has done for World to Build, and with that, we’re proud to announce that mania will be winning our first-ever Player of the Month!

Congratulations mania and we’re glad to have you in the community. Mania is occasionally in our Twitch Streams when we host game nights and has been a great part of World to Build. Congratulations again mania and we can move on to the second topic of our Highlights.

World of the Month

Don’t think that we forgot about you world developers out there! Worlds are an essential part of World to Build, and to me, it’s what brings the community together! For our first highlight, we’re going to be choosing a really good builder that’s in our community. The world is pretty new, just being over a week old, it’s very impressive that they can build this masterpiece in a short amount of time. You might know what I’m talking about, the world has over 150 plays, Congratulations to Cabbiton by DERPWARE for winning our highlight that was for World of the Month!

This game features an entire town where you can go to the store, check out the library, and so much more! This game is definitely worth checking out and features many great builds. Go check it out by clicking the button below! Now, let’s move into the final topic that we have on Highlights, Voxel Design of the Month.

Voxel Design of the Month

All these voxel designs that are in the marketplace, there are so many to choose from! All of the users who create these awesome masterpieces so that you have something to wear on your avatar, it’s amazing! We look at all the voxel designs that manage to make it onto our market carefully, and we’ve chosen a special design that blew away the competition for this round. Congratulations to Medieval Dress Torso by MaskedMinty for winning our Voxel Design of the Month!

MaskedMinty is a new voxel designer on World to Build, just recently started to make voxel designs almost a week ago! With there not being many dresses on our marketplace, this voxel design is sure to make some people happy. Congratulations again MaskedMinty, and now we’re going to conclude our first ever World to Build Highlight!


Thanks, everyone for joining us in our first ever World to Build Highlight, and I’m definitely proud of how this highlight turned out! I can’t wait to host these highlights monthly and to see all the happy looks on everyone who gets chosen. I hope to see some awesome things so I can choose them for our future highlights!

My name is Star, and I’m heading out! See you next month!

~ Star