Neo-Noir Detective Event


Good evening Detectives …

There have been a series of crimes all over World to Build, and you have been hired to crack the case!

How the event works:

There will be three crimes to solve over the course of a week. These will appear in the forms of worlds. The first crime will open on May 9th, the second will open May 11th, and the third will open May 13th. Each crime will pose a question, slowly inching towards the killer’s identity. You must solve all three crimes by answering these questions in order to win the event. You only get ONE CHANCE to submit the three correct answers. Users who get all three answers correctly will win a special prize!

To submit your answers, please wait until you have the answer to ALL THREE CRIMES before submitting. To submit your answer, you will simply DM my account ( or Jethro’s account ( with your three correct answers.

A couple more rules before we set off on this great mystery …

  • You CANNOT share your answers with other users.
  • You must submit your answers before the end of the event (Event ends on May 21 at 11:59PM EST).
  • You may tell users whether you were correct or not, but you cannot disclose which answers you submitted.
  • You are welcome to ‘lightly‘ nudge frustrated users in the right direction in worlds, but please don’t spoil things for them.

Any users caught breaking any of the above rules will be immediately disqualified from the event, including any participatory prizes!

I know you’re probably curious about what kind of detective work you’ll actually have to do … I’ll keep that as a surprise, but it may involve code-cracking, cryptograms, deduction skills, and possibly even a complete crime scene sweep.

Finally, what’s a limited-time event without some limited-time items? That’s right: Get ready to suit up as the detectives you deserve to be!

If you have any questions on how the event works, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good luck detectives: World to Build is counting on you.

Jacob (Undertaker334)

Community Manager