Winter Village Contest

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Greetings World to Builders!

It’s mighty cold outside, and that gives us lots of time to huddle around our graphic cards and warm-up our cold little toesie wosies. Well, since we’re here, we might as well unleash a brand new never-before done contest! Now, this contest is NOT for the faint of heart … It just might be the most cutthroat, the most dangerous, and the most thrilling contest ever seen here at World to Build: Folks, it’s the Winter Village Contest!

Here are the rules of the contest:

In order to enter, you must create a world that reflects a Winter Village of some variety. This can range from anything to Small Town USA, to Viking villa, to an Antarctic Research Base! If it’s cold and home to even colder residents, we want to see it! Maybe your world is home to an underground ice cave system … Or perhaps you’re hitting the slopes on your brand new pair of ski’s for your Ski Resort! The possibilities are endless!


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Here are the areas that our judges are going to be scoring you on:


We want a well-designed village, one that is interesting, compelling, and isn’t afraid of details. We love seeing well-thought out territory, and if your world demonstrates an ice-cold build that would put a city planner to shame, then you are in for some massive scores!


We want something original, and something nobody else has done! Maybe your winter village is home to a winter zoo! Or maybe it’s on the bay of a frozen over harbour, with snow covered ships … Your imagination is worth something!


Walking around a frozen world is cool and all (No pun intended), but what makes your world fun? Maybe your world has secret areas to explore? Or perhaps there is a mini-game within your world for it’s lawful citizens to play? Have you ever scripted events before? Now’s the time to try, and dazzle our judges!

Now, this is important: You will have 2 weeks starting now to complete and submit your world! We will accept no late submissions! Your submission must be handed in on or before Friday, January 28th, 2022 at 2:00pm (EST).

To submit your submission, please DM the link to your world to Jethro (Mr. Cubbles) ( before the submission date.

On January 28th 2022 at 5:00pm (EST), we will be hosting a livestream, where Jethro and I will be walking through all your submissions, judging what we think are the best ones. Following this, we will be holding a live awards ceremony show, where we announce the winners LIVE on stream!

Finally, let’s talk winners and rewards. We will have some prizes for all entrants, so you have nothing to lose by submitting. With that being said, however, there are only going to be three winners. These winners will be receiving a special limited edition prize, so be sure to put your back into it, Builders!

With that being said, we hope you remember to have lots of fun while building these worlds, and we cannot wait to see your submissions!

-Jacob (Undertaker334)