New Faces at World to Build


We’re giving a very warm welcome to two of our newest faces here at World to Build, and we hope you’ll do the same. On our journey to becoming the next top model on this year’s MMORPG runway show, we added two extra hands to help us win first place.


We swear that this one isn’t “unfortunate” in any way. Meet “thegrimgrotto” (or Jan as we like to call him). He’s been here for a while, but we just got around to introducing him and showing you guys what he’s all about. Jan is the sole owner and operator of the sound team, and he’s working on some pretty neat stuff.

We caught up with Jan for a quick interview…

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I am a nerd for audio and music gear. I play guitar so I enjoy checking out guitar pedals, amps, studio gear, synths, and audio software, etc. I also love geeky stuff like anime, graphic novels, comics, pop culture stuff. My favorite genres in TV/Film/Books are Historical Fiction, Sci-fi, Cyberpunk. Favorite film is The Revenant.”

What features are you working on at World to Build?

“I am working on the audio design for the game.”

What types of things do you do in your free time away from work?

“I usually read, drink tons of tea, play guitar, produce music for a side project, watch movies/tv, go running occasionally. I also surf sometimes.”

Where do you call home?

“I was born in South Florida but raised in Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina.”

What college did you attend, and are you a fan of the sports?

“I went to UNC Asheville to study Music Technology. I am not really into sports, but occasionally I saw a soccer game with some of my international student friends there.”

What are your favorite games to play (online or otherwise)?

“My favorite game of all time is Okami. I am also a fan of JRPGs and games like Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc. I’ll play some of the bigger games for fun social occasions like Fortnite or Mario Kart. I also like smaller artistic indie games like Gris.”

Any words for our players?

“I hope you enjoy playing and creating in World to Build! Support your fellow community. It’s cliché but, have fun and be yourself! That’s the most important thing!”


The newest member of our team is “jarrettanim”. His name may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it’s really just his real name + the start of anim-ation. And, Jarrett does just thatanimation! He’s the aficionado behind the new character movement we’re adding to World to Build soon.

What features are you working on at World to Build?

“I’m working on updating the animation set and giving them a breath of fresh air for World to Build.”

Who are you currently teamed up with?

“I am currently teamed up with Garrett and Jan on the movement and emote animations. Cool stuff incoming..”

What can you tell us about you, what’s your background?

“My name is Jarrett and I am a 3D character animator. I am currently a MFA candidate at East Tennessee State University fine tuning my artform. When not animating, you can find me enjoying chicken tenders and hanging out with friends in person or virtually.”

Where do you call home?

“I’m from a small town called Rockwood, Tennessee. I moved two hours to Johnson City, Tennessee to attend East Tennessee State University.”

Do you enjoy college sports?

“I was never into sports, but my college got an eSports team, so that’s cool.”

What types of things do you do in your free time away from work?

“I love to play games and hike! Hiking was something I picked up in college and found it a great way to break up the monotony in life.”

What are your favorite games to play (online or otherwise)?

“I love FPS games and my go-to as of late has been Apex Legends. Nothing beats the movement and action in it.”

What’s a quick message from you to our players?

“Stay ambitious.”

Say a quick “hello!” to Jan and Jarrett if you see them in-game. In the meantime, you can catch our admin team vacationing on the east coast with ray-ban sunglasses and sandy feet (we wish). Until next time!