Our Newest Announcement, and a Thank You.

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Heyo Builders,

Thanks for tuning in to our newest blog post! I took a step back from development to share some news with you about a decision we made regarding World To Build in its alpha phase of development.

As you are aware, we retired the Welcoming Committee and Roundtable Knights programs in an effort to connect more personally with our community. Our community is comprised of a small following and we felt it was necessary to interact with and receive feedback from everyone directly to better understand what you want from us.

World To Build is not only a small community, but we’re also a development team just two big. That’s right, two big! My partner Garrett and I are the only current developers of World To Build, and we put in most (if not all) of our free time developing exciting new things for you.

I want to be frank–we don’t plan on going anywhere. We love what World To Build is, even more, what it will be, and we don’t want to stop the momentum. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support over the last two years. We could not have made it to this point without you, and we can’t wait to build an exciting game alongside you.

With that being said, we have a new announcement regarding gameplay and our new Pilot Player Program.

Pilot Players + Gameplay Changes

We are introducing a new program called the Pilot Player Program which will consist of testers, builders, and players who will help make World To Build the next big game. These players will be selected based on activity, good behavior, creativity, and personal invitation.

As we’ve delved deeper into the development of World To Build, we have noticed that some vital portions of our client and builder require upgrades. Our game is still early in its development, and we understand that what we have available isn’t top-tier to the average player. We want to put our best foot forward and there are a lot of issues with the client and builder that we can’t solve with our current priorities. Therefore, we are reducing public gameplay and building temporarily to pilot-player only within the next two weeks. By reducing gameplay to a select number of players, it will help us attack issues faster. We plan to release a better-functioning client and builder alongside the release of the recently-announced voxel update.

In the meantime, all players will be able to continue to play and build games until 08/30/2020. As previously mentioned, this restriction is only temporary and we do not plan to limit gameplay or building for any longer than we feel is necessary to make a better experience for you.

Come Be a Pilot Player!

If you are interested in becoming a Pilot Player, the process is very simple–and there are no limits to how many players are accepted. We have migrated all previous Welcoming Committee and Roundtable Knights to the Pilot Player Program, and we’re looking for even more players to join the team. All that we ask is that you have demonstrated good behavior, have been a player on World To Build for a while, and you’re interested in helping us test our updates! After that, simply visit the pilot player page, click request access, and your account will be reviewed for the program.

I’m sure there will be questions about this decision and we’re happy to answer them for you. We like to hear your feedback! Visit our community forum to provide us with your opinions/comments/concerns or check us out on Discord to chat with us personally.