WIPEOUT! Building Contest 2020

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Adventurers, it’s time to take a spill! Today kicks off our WIPEOUT! Building Contest. Grab yourself a life vest and some boardshorts… It’s time to get straight into the action.

This contest is based on the real-life game show, Wipeout. Wipeout is a reality competition where contestants attempt to finish an extreme obstacle course. You can check out their YouTube channel if you’re unfamiliar with the show by clicking here.

For this contest, users have to build the most creative obby based on the Wipeout TV Show. Scripting is highly encouraged!

In order to enter, message the user “mikey” on World To Build’s website with a link to your game! You can only submit 1 entry so make sure you put as much effort as you can into just one world. The winners of this contest will be played on a live stream by our staff team a few days after entries close.

Profile Achievement

So.. what’s in it for you? Winners of our WIPEOUT! Building Contest will receive a profile achievement, a surprise item, and a legendary rarity “Falling” pose!

Profile Achievement

Need a little help kick-starting your obby? Click here or use the following link to download our lobby making template! *Not required

Instructions for use:

  1. Click the link listed above to download the template.
  2. Save or move the template to your World to Build saves folder. This will be located in My Documents: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\World To Build\saves
  3. Open the World Builder & visit File > Load Backup & select obby-contest-template.wtb
  4. Click the load button and violĂ ! You’re all set.

Remember to stick to the theme! Wipeout has an extremely unique design, so do your research and try to follow it as best as you can! Feel free to add your own twists to it though. New parts of the obstacle course would be awesome! Entries will be judged by their creativity & design. And don’t make it so hard our admins can’t beat it. The goal is for your game to be fun, not hard!

The contest starts now and ends on Friday, March 6th. Make sure to message all submissions to “mikey” in order to be entered in the contest!

Contest Winners:
Announced March 22nd, 2020

  • Gbracer
  • reman
  • Quantum
  • Star
  • mrmustache