Creating Our Community

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Having users is easy. Creating a community is an artform.

World To Build is a growing platform and as more people visit our site it is becoming exponentially more diverse. Our organization values creativity and friendliness and we are working every day to make sure our community reflects these values.

Today we happily announce our newest user program, the Welcoming Committee.

World To Build’s Welcoming Committee is a group of users known for their friendliness and willingness to help new users on-site or on our official Discord server. Members of the Welcoming Committee are always available to lend a hand, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation or ask them for help!

Members of the Welcoming Committee

  • are active within our community (on at least a weekly basis)
  • are comfortable & willing to talk to anyone and everyone
  • have little to no moderation history on their account
  • treat all users respectfully
  • demonstrate a willingness to help others
  • enjoy eating waffles with the World To Build staff team

At this time committee membership is closed as all available spots have been filled. Be sure to keep an eye on new blog posts announcing the availability of new spots!

Various perks are afforded to members of the Welcoming Committee, including a profile achievement and a Discord role. Additional rewards are available as committee members continue to impact the World To Build community.

Thank you for your efforts that make our community great! If you’re interested in some of our other user programs, read about our Roundtable here.