Ugly Sweater Contest 2020

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Happy Holidays Adventurers! World To Build is celebrating holiday cheer in the best way we know how. Ugly sweaters. What says Christmas more than unattractive, overly cheesely clothing?

Ugly sweaters are like dogs. You either love them or you love them. How can you not??

Hello grandmuffin!!!

I’m so glad you’re here. You know little old me… Always knitting… blankets, socks, and of course some holiday sweaters!! I need your help this year though. The other grandparents over at the garden club wanted some help making Christmas sweaters for their grandmuffins. Can you help me make some?

Lots of love!! I hope to see you this Christmas. Tell your mom I said hello!

Your Grandma,
Gigi Nittingsworth

The uglier the better. But they still have to be good. Just ugly enough that you wouldn’t want to wear it around your friends at school. Here’s a look at the sweater that tyster made:

Ultimately… those scribbles turned into this:

My scribbles (which are super cool and much less ugly than tyster’s >:P) are another example you can take a look at to make your creation!

We don’t want to stifle your ugly-christmas creativity, so the rules for this contest are pretty flexible. Users can create as many ugly sweaters as they want. Just follow the steps below to enter!


  1. Use the official World To Build shirt template.
  2. SCRIBBLE1!!!!!! You can use applications like Photoshop or to edit the template!
  3. Upload your epic creation.
  4. Send a link of your creation to “mikey“!

So… you’re probably wondering what the reward is. Our team is happy to present users with the first ever contest related Profile Achievement! Check it out:

Ugly Sweater Contest Winners

Multiple contests winner will be selected to receive this epic Ugly Sweater Contest Winner profile achievement! The first-place winner’s sweater will also be shown off by Grandma Gigi… it’ll become a signature part of her outfit!

Oh and… other surprise prizes are also very possible. Don’t miss out!

Need an extra hand? Click here to learn about creating & uploading clothing.

Remember: Stick to the theme! We’re looking for Christmas themed clothing. Sweaters are preferred, but let your imagination run wild! Ugly is good.

The contest starts now and ends on Monday, December 30th (20 days from now). Make sure to message all submissions to “mikey” between 12/10 – 12/30 in order to be entered in the contest!