The Benefits of Boost


Most of you are probably familiar with it because of those shiny blue rocketpacks… Boost is World To Build’s premium membership!

While we strive to remain a free social gaming platform, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. If you’re interested in supporting World To Build, as well as adding some neat perks to your gaming experience, upgrade to Boost!


  • 25 Bux per day! This accumulates up to 80 Bux per day… Check out the Membership Streaks section below!
  • Ad-free!
  • Upload clothing for free!
  • Create up to 50 worlds!
  • Add a personal nickname!
  • Show off a cool profile achievement!
  • and receive 250 Bux just for signing up!

In order to thank subscribers for their support, World To Build offers a variety of benefits to enhance their gaming experience. We are constantly looking to provide new features for Boost users, so be sure to check our Upgrades page for the most up-to-date list.

Profile Achievement

Not only will you receive the benefits listed above, you’ll also receive your very own rocket ship achievement to show off on your profile and the forums!

Membership Streaks

Have you guys heard about the epic value of membership streaks??!?! The longer you’re a Boost subscriber, the better.

World To Build offers a unique feature that provides additional rewards to players who keep an active membership subscription on their account. A membership streak is accumulated by a user who maintains a renewing membership subscription on their account.

At this time, players who maintain a membership streak on World To Build receive extra daily BUX. A membership streak is calculated by the following formula: 20 BUX + 5 BUX * STREAK. A player can receive a maximum streak of 12 months.

The streak benefits are as follows:

I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty epic. The longer you’re a Boost member, the more bux you’ll rack in every single day. Sounds like it’s time to start your path to 80 bux/day. cracks knuckles

Thank you to all our former and current Boost subscribers. Your contributions have propeled World To Build forward and we can never be more grateful! As 2019 comes to a close, we can confidently say that this past year has been truly rewarding. We only hope to further our platform and inspire fun among our entire community.