The Winter Update 2019

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Olive said it first. As the falling leaves turn to snow and the warm weather is replaced by cups of hot chocolate… It’s hard not to love this time of year. True, it might not be Thanksgiving yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing your favorite Santa Claus sweater, some fuzzy socks with llamas on them, and snuggling up in front of the fireplace.

As your sipping on your grandma’s homemade eggnog, sit back, and relax. World To Build is sliding down this year’s slopes with some cool new updates. Sorry for the pun. But seriously, these updates are snow joke.

If you’re busy preparing to hibernate, the short version of our updates is pretty simple. We’ve got materials for your games, emotes, and everything is approximately 1 bagillion more frames per second.


Game creation is the heart and soul of World To Build so our team has been working tirelessly to improve the game-making experience. For the builder, just about everything is faster and much more responsive. To kick it off though, here are some of things that weren’t working exactly as planned prior to the update. Luckily we got some elves on the job and they fixed a lot!

  • Thumbnails
  • Undo’s
  • Shift + Select (in hierarchy)
  • Hierarchy positioning loop

On top of those fixes, we have a set of changes too! The notable ones:

Materials now exist. You can finally turn that brown brick into a wood floor using textures! Check out what some textures look like below:

New objects are named by object type! Instead of seeing “NewPart” a cylinder would be labeled a “Cylinder” and the same applies to all other part types.

On that note, QuarterPipes are back. You know those things skateboarders use? Like the half pipes? Well imagine half that. Half a half pipe. It’s a quarter.

Test mode now launches a virtualized game. What does that mean exactly? You can run multiple test games and connect them together for multiplayer testing. Neat, right?

Every type of autosave you can imagine. Think of a way you can save your creation. Now think of another way. Even think of a third way. Yeah. We have that now.

Some other changes:

  • No more physics in build mode (only test mode)
  • WorldText allows more characters
  • Icons for non-part objects can no longer be resized
  • Duplications maintain proper parenting structure
  • Wait screen when processing undo’s
  • Scale and resize tools reworked


In terms of importance, gameplay is of course at the top! Here are the incredible updates worth melting for.

  • Emotes now available in-game
  • Quicker character loading
  • Face lighting fixed
  • Physics synchronized between clients
  • Characters won’t pause mid-air for emotes
  • Vsync setting
  • Settings autosave
  • Nametags no longer show up on top of the console/player list
  • QuarterPipe physics repaired

Be sure to show off your fun gameplay or unique creations on Twitter using the #WorldToBuild!





2. the linking of computers to allow them to operate interactively.

Networking is an important part of WTB! Not the type of networking where your dad says hi to everyone at the golf tournament, but the type of networking that lets you play games with other people. Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Game downloading reworked
  • Game joining rewritten
  • Parenting system rewritten, unparent repaired
  • Collisions now properly combine into parents
  • Multiple users joining around the same time no longer causes issues

All those updates seemed pretty chill, huh? Well in addition to those, we have some minor updates to scripting.

  • “Part.text” has been changed to “Part.worldText”
  • Part.angularvelocity added

Part.text will still work until next update, but be sure to make necessary changes ASAP!

We plan to push these updates next Saturday, November 23rd. If you run into any bugs once the update is released, please post in our Bug Reports subforum or our #?-bug-reports text channel in our Discord.

That’s all for this blog post! Be sure to give our development team a big thank you for their hard work. It took a lot of hot chocolates to get us here. You can say hi to us at any time on our Discord server!