A Letter from the Roundtable


Beloved Adventurers!

I hope this carrier pigeon has reached you in a timely manner. I’m pleased to inform you all that the prestigious knights of the Roundtable have completed their first quest. While exactly what we discussed remains super-duper top secret, we’re overjoyed that our first meeting went so well.

For those of you unfamiliar with our Roundtable, it’s a brand-spankin’-new program for members of the World To Build community!

“The World To Build Roundtable is a group of select users that attend scheduled meetings with the World To Build team to provide feedback and have conversations about future additions to the platform.” – Brennan (The Great Bearded Guy)

Applications are opened randomly and only a few applicants are selected to join at the end of the period. Being selected provides players with a special shop item, as well as an achievement during the duration of their time in Roundtable. The application process is open to all users with no experience or age requirement necessary. We want to extend this opportunity to all of our players.

Roundtable applications opened for the first time on November 2nd, 2019, and closed on November 13th. If you’re interested in joining our Roundtable, keep an eye on our Discord, we’ll post in our #announcements channel when applications reopen! You can also regularly review our Announcements and Updates subforum.

Evildoers beware… this refined helmet is awarded to members of our community Roundtable. Rumor has it that its wearers are given celestial powers!

Roundtable knights are also awarded this profile achievement to show their honorable commitment to the community.

We would also like to extend a gracious thank you to our first ever Roundtable knights. Your valor shall never be forgotten.

  • Quantum
  • Alyx
  • Ducky
  • Star
  • Wanderer

The World To Build team is incredibly thankful for the community we have and would love feedback. Our team will always encourage users to post suggestions in our subforums, but also hopes each and every one of you gets an opportunity to be knighted.